We were founded in 2003 to help organize tours, parties, and other events in Minneapolis for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s annual conference. We’ve since evolved into a permanent non-profit organization on both the state and federal level, being incorporated in 2007.  (Your contributions are tax-deductible.)

Mission Statement

Preserve Minneapolis is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Minneapolis by recognizing, preserving, and revitalizing the architectural and related cultural resources of the city of Minneapolis.

Preserve Minneapolis achieves its mission through:

  • Raising public awareness of the value of architectural and related cultural resources through tours, lectures, publications and programs such as “Happy Hour With a Preservationist” and “Breakfasts With a Preservationist”
  • Providing a website and other tools to raise awareness of and advocate for the preservation of historically significant resources
  • Compiling and disseminating information about historically significant at-risk resources
  • Serving as a networking organization for all elements of preservation
  • Influencing public and private leaders to develop and support  preservation initiatives