The City of Minneapolis has the power to designate local historic districts. The heritage preservation ordinance defines a historic district as, “all property within a defined area designated as an historic district by the city council because of the historical, cultural, architectural, archaeological or engineering significance of the district, or designated as an historic district by state law.” A list of locally desingated historic districts can be found on the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission’s website.

Questions often occur when a historic district is proposed, or when someone moves into a historic district. We hope that the information provided in the links below will answer those questions. The staff of the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) are also available to answer questions. To reach the HPC, dial 3-1-1 within Minneapolis or 612-673-3000 outside of the city for the city’s information line.

How is a Local Historic District Created?

Criteria for Local Historic Designation

What Are the Benefits and Responsibilities of Owning a Property in a Historic District?

Top Ten Myths of Historic Designation