Contributing Members

We are especially thankful to the following people who have given donations to support the mission of Preserve Minneapolis. These monies will be used to continue our ongoing programs and events. As an all-volunteer nonprofit, we appreciate every donation, and put all funding back into our programs. To donate now, click here.

Threshold Members ($20-$49)
Jean Guenther
Jerome Ingber
Peter Jursik
Will O’Keefe
Diane Lindgren
Jason and Jenny Risdal

Keystone Members ($50-$99)
Kathleen Anderson
Jessica Berglin
R. Martin Brown
Arlene Fried
* Elizabeth Gales
Angy Kallarackal
Diane Lindgren
* Doug Mack
* Jessie McClurg
Rosemarie McDonald
Craig D. Pier
Kristen Walseth

Cornerstone Members ($100-$199)
Thomas Balcom
Vicky Boddie
Steve Budas
Jack Byers and Darwin Lindblom
William Casey
* Jennifer Dens
Jean Drumm
Susan Hamilton
Lisa Hondros
Donna Johnson
* Phillip Koski
Bob Mack
Joyce Mellom
Susan Nixon
* Chuck Liddy
Penny Petersen
Carolyn Roby
Charlene Roise
* John Stark
Will Stark and Kevin Olsen

Pillar Members ($200)
Ann Calvert

Buttress Members ($500)
*Edna Brazaitis
JerryLynn Young

Pinnacle Members ($1,000)
Patricia and Robert Mack

Corporate and Foundation Sponsors
Singer Family Foundation
MacDonald and Mack Architects

*denotes board member