2019 Minneapolis Preservation Awards Now Accepting Nominations

AIA Minneapolis, Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission and Preserve Minneapolis announced today that they are accepting nominations for the 2019 Minneapolis Preservation Awards. The annual awards program recognizes the city’s best work in historic preservation, restoration, adaptive re-use and many other outstanding preservation projects.

This year’s award categories include accomplishments in preservation, new construction in historic districts, advocacy, education and individual career achievement. Organizers have also added a new category for 2019: the Preservation Gem Award, which recognizes a single, masterfully-completed small project or detail.

“Minneapolis’ preservation community grows stronger every year, and we are honored to recognize the newest and most innovative projects that respect our architectural and cultural heritage,” said Katie Haun Schuring, president of the Preserve Minneapolis Board of Directors. “We are looking forward to seeing some exceptionally creative projects, as well as examples of thriving leadership and education in the preservation space.”

2019 Award Categories

Historic Restoration, Rehabilitation or Adaptive Reuse

Projects for nomination in this category are those where an existing place, property, building, residence or landscape was either returned to its original design or was transformed to incorporate both new and old elements in a way that is respectful of, but different from, the original design. Projects will be judged based on the careful attention to the quality of design, architecture, workmanship, and materials as well as the impact of the project on the surrounding neighborhood and community.

New Construction

Projects for nomination in this category include additions to an existing structure or a new building or landscape was constructed in one of the city’s existing heritage preservation districts. Projects will be judged based on how the new building or addition fits in with the existing building or historic district as well as the quality of design, architecture, workmanship, and materials as well as the impact of the project on the surrounding neighborhood and community.

Grassroots: Advocacy and Education

Recognizes individuals and organizations for a range of preservation related advocacy, education, outreach, and community engagement activities. Efforts worthy of recognition may include grassroots organizing that raises awareness and support of historic preservation or celebrates preservation in Minneapolis. Project types include, but are not limited to photography, published books or extensive research, educational programs, etc.

Steve Murray Award

The Steve Murray Award is considered the top individual honor for preservation in Minneapolis. It is awarded to an individual who has displayed leadership, courage, and dedication to heritage preservation in Minneapolis in the last year or over the course of their career or lifetime. If submissions are received for both a deserving emerging preservationist and a lifetime preservationist, multiple awards can be given.

Preservation Gem

New to this year’s awards program is the Preservation Gem award. This category is intended to recognize the smaller rehabilitation projects that highlight preservation such as window rehabilitation, stained glass restoration, historic porch remodels or other smaller preservation projects that contribute to continued building reuse. To qualify, the building must be 50 years or older from the date the work was completed. Nominations in this category are not limited to designated historic buildings or those within historic districts.

2019 Award Criteria

Submissions are free of charge and will close February 15, 2019. This year’s awards celebration will be held Thursday evening, February 28, 2019 at the historic Pillsbury A-Mill. Projects in all categories must have been completed within the last 5 years, between Jan. 1, 2015 and Jan. 1, 2019. Multiple awards may be issued in each category at the awards committee’s discretion.

Nominate a Project

To nominate a project, person or program for the 2019 Minneapolis Preservation Awards, complete a submission form at https://www.aia-mn.org/event/mpls_preservation_awards/ beginning Jan. 7, 2019.

About AIA Minneapolis

AIA Minneapolis is the largest AIA chapter in Minnesota with more than 1,600 members. Centered in Minneapolis, the chapter territory also includes the southwestern portion of the state. As a large chapter, AIA Minneapolis participates with other large chapters nationwide to focus attention on significant issues facing members. The chapter provides leadership, networking, and outreach opportunities for its members. Learn more at http://www.aia-mn.org/about/chapters/aia-minneapolis/.

About Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission

Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) help preserve the community’s unique identity, culture and character by protecting significant historic resources from the city’s past, because landmarks and historic districts enhance the city’s unique identity, quality of life, and economic vitality. The community's interest in preservation has resulted in more than 1,200 designated properties, including more than 160 landmarks and 15 historic districts. The Heritage Preservation Commission also conducts ongoing research of eligible sites and districts, evaluates the significance of buildings and districts and recommends the designation of historic properties.

About Preserve Minneapolis

Preserve Minneapolis promotes and celebrates the city’s historic architectural and cultural resources through advocacy, education, and public engagement. Founded in 2003 as an informal group of professionals and enthusiasts helping to organize tours, parties and other events in Minneapolis for the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s annual conference, the organization has since evolved into a permanent 501(c) (3) organization promoting preservation throughout Minneapolis. Learn more at preserveminneapolis.org.


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