Minneapolis 2040 and Historic Preservation

One portion of the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update deals directly with Heritage Preservation. In total, there are nine policies proposed with action items tied to each policy. Below are highlights from each of the nine policies. Not all action items associated with each policy are listed below, so we encourage you to review each policy in greater detail at Minneapolis 2040-Heritage Preservation. If you have a suggestion or concern, each policy webpage has a feedback box at the bottom – don’t be shy, let the city hear your voice by July 22. 

Policy 91 – Heritage Preservation Outreach

  • Find ways to reach out to the community by creating ways to participate and encourage residents to engage in decisions about places that matter
  • Expand outreach efforts and engage and educate youth
  • Increase access to information
  • Partner with community and education organizations to connect property owners with education and technical support services

Policy 92 – Identification and Evaluation of Historic Properties

  • Develop strategic work plans for identification, evaluation, and designation of properties important to underrepresented groups or within areas under development pressure
  • Identify and evaluate places of cultural significance and cultural landscapes 
  • Prepare context studied associated with the city’s history and development
  • Designate resources that are listed in the National Register or identified in surveys
  • Study recent past architecture, styles, and architects
  • Conduct archaeological surveys

Policy 60 – Intrinsic Value of Properties

  • Promote the value of the built environment
  • Encourage rehabilitation of landscapes and buildings
  • Retain historic properties through land use planning, economic development, and investment strategies
  • Incorporate Historic Preservation early in planning stages
  • Explore opportunities to promote historic properties as valuate assets

Policy 90 – Stewarding Historic Properties

  • Require new construction in Historic Districts to be compatible with the historic district
  • Encourage retention of historic character while retrofitting to reduce energy use and sustainability
  • Protect archaeological resources
  • Preserve historic materials in public spaces
  • Explore alternatives to demolition to protect historic resources
  • Develop mitigation policies when removal of buildings or historic fabric is unavoidable

Policy 94 – Heritage Preservation Regulation

  • Revise existing historic district guidelines and require guidelines for new historic districts
  • Create guidelines for landscapes
  • Modify preservation and zoning ordinances as they relate to demolition of heritage properties and develop mitigation strategies for demolition

Policy 47 – Housing Maintenance

  • Promote retention of housing through maintenance

Policy 95 – Heritage Preservation Financial Incentives

  • Identify financial assistance opportunities for historic properties
  • Subsidize architecture assistance for maintenance and remodeling
  • Promote incentives for owners and developers for properties that are not designated but important to the community’s heritage

Policy 96 – Heritage Preservation Recognition

  • Continue to recognize projects, programs, individuals and organizations that contribute to Minneapolis heritage
  • Install interpretive signs and markers for designated historic properties and landmarks

Policy 97 – Heritage Preservation Legislative Advocacy

  • Expand strategic partnerships