Preserve Minneapolis Urges HPC Review in Prospect Park

A re-zoning application is pending before the Minneapolis City Planning Commission (CPC) as part of a proposal to build a 14-story residential high rise at 3326, 3338 and 3350 University Avenue SE in the historic Prospect Park neighborhood. However, the CPC failed to consider Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) review of the proposal.

According to the Minneapolis Office of Community Planning and Economic Development, the proposed development will impact the viewshed of the Prospect Park Witch’s Hat Tower – a Minneapolis Historic Asset on the National Register of Historic Places. The proposed building will also be adjacent to one of the largest historic districts within the city.

Preserve Minneapolis believes that HPC review is required by Minneapolis and Minnesota statute due to the proposed development’s impact on a historic district and a well-known historic asset. We also feel that HPC review is the only way that the CPC and the Minneapolis City Council can ensure the public that they have fulfilled their duties under the law as well as its own historic preservation guidelines.

We believe that preservation and development interests can go hand-in-hand and agree that HPC review is warranted. An appeal is being heard on July 26th at 10am at Minneapolis City Hall. We encourage those interested in seeing the developer’s proposal reviewed by the HPC to attend the meeting.

Read more about the proposed development.

Preserve Minneapolis