Dinkytown – Forever Young Walking Tour

John Pillsbury’s decision to locate the University of Minnesota on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River in 1858 set the stage for Dinkytown’s destiny as a dynamic commercial district that has inspired generations of people to explore new ideas and try out new personas. This tour will explore Dinkytown’s early commercial years, signature buildings, legacy businesses, and its role in the student protests of the 1960s. Because of its proximity to the U of M, Dinkytown has always been undergoing change and rebirth, subject to the winds of change and forces of urban growth and decline, with fears that it will be irreparably changed. Yet, with each new generation, it revives itself, as each fall, like the seasons, a new set of students, faculty, and staff pass through here on their way to the University, both simultaneously leaving its mark on Dinkytown as well as being marked by it.

The tour route is 0.5 miles and is ADA accessible.

The tour guide is Cara Letofsky.

Next Tour Date: Saturday, August 12 • 10-11:30am

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