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Forum: Minneapolis Sound

It’s a flavor and rhythm so unique that it became synonymous with our fair city in the 1970’s and ‘80’s. It is the Minneapolis Sound. As is too often the case, it was the loss of one of our own, that has spurred a new respect for a music style that took over airwaves for over a decade. Prince’s influence on music is undeniable – and the music scene that he helped create still has a lasting impact on the sound and feel of our music venues today. What better time than now, to explore the depths and history of the Minneapolis Sound? 

Andrea Swensson set out to do just that in her book, Got to Be Something Here. Inspired by the legacy left by Prince, Swensson, host of ‘The Local Show’ on The Current, committed herself to exploring, not only the places where Prince got his start – but the vibrant community that was posed to give way to his international superstardom long before he played his first show. 

As a community was forming and a new music style was beginning to take hold, Charles Chamblis was documenting it all through his camera lens. His work has become a behind-the-scenes look at the life and culture that formed the Minneapolis Sound. In his recent book, Sight, Sounds, Soul, Davu Seru highlights the work of Charles Chamblis. 

Preserve Minneapolis, along with the Mill City Museum, are thrilled to welcome Andrea Swensson and Davu Seru on Friday March 23rd to discuss their recent books and the evolution of music in Minneapolis. It is a story of culture and strength in a community that is far too often underrepresented in our conversations of Minneapolis history.