Lynnhurst: From 1893 Colony to 2020 Historic District Walking Tour

4735 Fremont in Minneapolis, MN

From the building in 1893 of nine homes on Fremont Avenue So., the Lynnhurst community immediately east of Lake Harriet developed as an entirely residential area, part of which has recently been designated as a local historic district.

Our tour will start from the 4600 Fremont block of notable 1893 homes, then continue past examples dating from the early 1900’s. Those incorporated building restrictions implemented in 1904 which resulted in significant uniformity while reflecting a variety of then popular styles.

Efforts by the community in the 1920’s to protect the character of their setting and the designation process leading to the 2020 Lynnhurst Residential Historic District will be covered during the tour.

The tour guide, Peter Sussman, grew up around the Chain of Lakes and has been exploring the history of surrounding communities for over 35 years. An architect and urban historian, he chaired the Preserve Minneapolis Summer Tour committee through 2021 and enjoys leading tours which recognize all who have built up and lived in this unique city.

Next Tour Date: Thursday, June 15 • 6-7:30pm

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