Tangletown and Minnehaha Creek Walking Tour

Explore the winding streets, impressive homes, and creek environment of the neighborhood originally known as Washburn Park. Learn about landmark sites such as the Washburn Water Tower, the Harry Wild Jones House, Washburn Memorial Orphan Asylum (where Justice Alan Page Middle School now stands), and the Minnehaha Creek, parkway, bridges, woods, and trails. The start and end of the tour is the Washburn Library at 53rd and Lyndale. Parking is available in the library lot just south of the building. The tour route is 1.5 miles, involves some hilly terrain, and is not ADA accessible.

The tour guide is neighborhood historian Tom Balcom, who grew up in the area and believes that local history is not about yesterday; it’s the context for where we live today.

Next Tour Date: Wednesday, July 12 • 6-8pm

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