The Geography of Childhood, Longfellow Edition Walking Tour

In 1924, the Brackett Field playground opened just south of the Milwaukee Road railroad corridor, one of the city parks chosen not for any natural amenities, but its proximity to residential neighborhoods. In a neighborhood where fifteen percent of the population is under the age of 15, kids are a major presence in Longfellow. This tour highlights some of the historic sites centered around Brackett Field Park that were created by and for children, from the Infant Incubator Institute at Wonderland Park to the Brackett Park rocket playground-equipment-turned-public art. The tour will also explore pieces of urban infrastructure — tunnels, steps, embankments and sidewalks — and the specific ways that children in Longfellow have utilized them in the past hundred years. The tour is open to all ages, including children.

The tour guide is Andy Sturdevant.

Next Tour Date: Saturday, July 13 • 10-11am

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