Uptown Vintage Movie Theaters Walking Tour

Between 1915 and 1928, four movie theaters were built between Hennepin Avenue and Lyndale Avenue. In 1995, one more theater on Lagoon Avenue joined the group. These five movie theaters’ histories represented the story of movie theaters nationwide during the 20th century’s early decades. Although there were many places in the Twin Cities where groups of neighborhood theaters sprang up, the Uptown/LynLake area is one of the few where so many of the buildings still exist in close proximity as theaters or as examples of adaptive reuse. On this tour, you will see these historic places and hear about the ways these theaters shaped the Uptown/LynLake area.

The tour will conclude with an optional walk to LynLake Brewery, an early 20th century theater.

The tour guide is Anne Drolet.

Next Tour Date: Saturday, June 24 • 10-11:30am

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